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    Technology for Smarter Living
    Advanced data research
    Seneqo specializes in handling terabytes of data in a matter of minutes and hours. Customized solutions keep your intelligence updated live as data comes in.
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    The future of IoT is here
    Smart Factories
    Our SmartIO solution connects things in your factory to a single system for greater efficiency and real-time monitoring.
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    Environmental Efficiency and Savings
    Through Smart Measurement
    Seneqo enables real-time monitoring and improvement of electricity consumption, working conditions, water consumption, and other environmental factors.

Improvement through Real-time Measurement

We plant sensors and gateways in the target location, and collect environmental data in our cloud backend. We then analyze the data and compare locations, identify anomalies, and recommend improvement actions. Our method is scalable, and we can use off-the-shelf sensor devices, and integrate with existing gateway devices.

Excellent Savings and Environmental Efficiency

With Seneqo, companies and public sector organizations can be more environmentally efficient and save money in electricity, fuel, water, and heating. Research shows that just by measuring energy consumption, organizations can save 2.4% in electricity costs. By optimizing utility consumption in real time with our solution, you can save up to 38%.

Continuous Improvement and Quality Control

Based on discovered anomalies in large data sets, the Seneqo system can provide both improvement suggestions and correct them. We work with global partners such as Omron in the manufacturing industry.

Real-time monitoring

Seneqo provides real-time monitoring of working conditions and utility consumption, allowing users to spot and quickly react to changes.


Thanks to cutting edge Big Data Analytics, Seneqo's patented environmental measurement solution scales to any number of measurement locations in your organization.

Improvement Recommendations

Our measurement system learns the utility consumption and working environment behavior of your location, and automatically suggests improvement based on the nature of the location and other locations examined by Seneqo.

Environmental Efficiency

Seneqo can measure any aspect of environmental efficiency, including electricity, water, and heating consumption, waste levels, CO2 and other greenhouse gas production, employee commuting greenhouse gas production, as well as solar panel energy production and the resulting CO2 offset.

Optimization and continuous measurement

As we measure your utility consumption, we can easily quantify the improvements and optimizations in saved euros and dollars, as well as CO2 footprint reduction, giving you a before and after comparison that updates in real time.

Industry-grade components

Seneqo works with off-the-shelf sensor devices, and the network devices and sensors we use are certified for use worldwide in challenging environments, such as factory floors and plastic thermoforming machines.

Condition monitoring & preventive maintenance

Seneqo measurement system allows the onset of a stoppage to be recognized early and corrective measures to be planned and introduced with minimal downtime. It also means unplanned downtime can be avoided, resulting in better utilization of resources and staff.

Quality control

Our computer vision quality control guarantees flawless production. No longer defective products to customers. Optimization and predictive maintenance can lead to less than 20 faulty units per million for mass production.

Modern Web

At Seneqo, we build our systems for open operation and interconnectivity. Modern APIs allow our partners and clients work with data they best see fit. Call it Web 2.0, REST API or Open Data, we’re in.

Seneqo is a member of Cleantech Finland.